Eat safe: 5 Simple DIY Ways To Remove Toxins & Pesticides From Fruits

Abstract: In this article, a few ways in which a lay person can do the cleaning at home are enlisted and elaborated. Fruits like berries, grapes, guava, peaches are consumed with their skins, which make it crucial for us to learn these cleaning techniques well.

Author/s: Vidya Raja. Year Of Publication: 2019. Download/Link:


How To Wash Vegetables And Fruits To Remove Pesticides

Abstract: This article explains the process of washing and cleaning fruits and vegetables to rid them of any pesticides/contaminants they may have been exposed to. 

Author/s: Sharannya Mukherji. Year Of Publication: 2021. Download/Link:


Broad Content: This instructional video shows the right way to wash and clean fruits to rid them of any residual pesticides. 

Organisers/Producers: Tech Insider

Year Of Publication/Release: 2018

How To Actually Remove Pesticides From Your Fruit

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