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Farmer Producer Organization

Resource Book on Formation and Functioning of Farmer Producer Companies

Abstract:- This resource book deals with the processes to be followed and preparations required to set up a Farmer producercompany. The resource book is developed based on the experiences of ASA in developing a series of FPCs in Madhya Pradesh and other states and the lessons learnt from the contemporary development on the FPOs contributed by the stakeholders. There are many new features in the third edition. Besides replacing the old facts with new we have added new chapters like – Government support for FPCs (Chapter-6), Credit support to FPCs by NBFCs (Chapter 7), Various compliances for the FPCs (Chapter-8), Emerging marketing models and avenues (Chapter 9), Success stories, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), etc. A business planning software for the FPC has been added in the manual. Using the weblink the user can download the software. Pencil drawings have been introduced in the Third edition to make it readers’ friendly.

Author/ Publication: ASA- Supported by NABKISAN. Download/Link:

Capacity building of BOD of Farmer Producer Oragnisation 

Abstract:- This manual has been developed in line with the Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) framework. The objective of this booklet “Capacity Building of Board of Directors of Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) – A Trainer’s Guide.” is to help trainers to conduct effective trainings for board of directors on how to govern self-controlled, business oriented and independent organisations. The manual was developed through an intensive consultative process, including an writeshop and several field tests with FPO experts, trainers, practitioners and directors of FPO. A thorough review of literature available in the public domain was done during the content development process. The manual follows a modular approach where trainers can flexibly use any standalone module depending on the individual capacity development needs of the FPO staff and members.

Author/ Publication: GIZ. Download/Link:

APMAS - Digital Library

Author/ Publication: APMAS. Download/Link:

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