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Apart from generating our own body of knowledge from our on-field and off-field experiences and interventions, one of our aims is to create a comprehensive knowledge hub that encompasses the different aspects of Nature-Positive Farming and Food Systems. To this end, we constantly sift through and pool various resources such as books, research articles and videos that may be of relevance and use to our partners and stakeholders. This section comprises resources related to production, post-harvest and marketing aspects of nature-positive farming systems.


In this section, we explore the issues with conventional input intensive agriculture, and its deleterious effects on the heath of the environment and people. We also explore the alternative to conventional agricultural systems; nature-positive farming. Click on the links below to know more:

Shetkaryancha Sholay - Video on Natural Pest Management (Marathi)

This short video covers about Chatur Rao, a dedicated farmer, is facing a grave problem - one that every farmer dreads: pests that relentlessly destroy his crops despite his efforts to prevent them. Fortunately, Chatur has stumbled upon a superhero - a scientist who has shared a sure-fire solution with him. The solution is found in Natural Pest Management (NPM), an eco-friendly approach that offers effective and long-lasting protection against pests. With NPM, Chatur can protect his crops and reap the benefits of a healthy and sustainable harvest.

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In developing countries, the losses due to bad handling and storage are immense. Furthermore, the  use of pesticides and other chemicals to stave off pests contaminates the produce. In this section, we explore the resources on these topics alternative technologies . Click on the links below to know more:



An integral part of the work N+3F does has also got to do with the demand for pesticide-free foods in organized markets and other urban initiatives that respond to the growing interest around sustainable food systems. This section collates information on the developments/initiatives in this space. Click on the links below to know more:


Video from Satyamev Jayat |Toxic Food | Trapping the pests (Hindi)

This short video covers about Our foodgrain crops face a significant threat from pests. Although the use of pesticides can eliminate pests, it comes at a high cost to farming and poses severe health hazards. However, there are natural alternatives like pheromone traps and yellow traps that are both inexpensive and highly effective. These methods offer a practical solution to combat pests and protect crops without harmful side effects.

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