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Leveraging Organised Markets


A review of sustainability, deterrents, personal values, attitudes and purchase intentions in the organic food supply chain

Abstract: This study aims to enhance our understanding of the organic food supply chain among practitioners, academicians and researchers by underlining the major factors affecting the growth of the organic food business. Previous articles on organic food have been quantitative in nature; therefore, we proposed a qualitative study as a pathfinder for prospective researchers to understand the complex factors involved in the organic food supply chain (OFSC). 

Author/s: Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India, School of Management Studies, Punjab University, India.  Year Of Publication: 2012. Download/Link: 

Why do people buy organic food? The moderating role of environmental concerns and trust

Abstract: Although consumer interest in organic food has risen over time, resulting in a generally positive attitude toward these organic food products, scholarly research suggests a comparatively low volume of its consumption in the market. This has resulted in an urgent need to study the motivations which enhance consumers’ proclivity to purchase food items produced organically. The current research attempts to understand potential associations between motivations (intrinsic and extrinsic), attitude, and buying behaviour towards organic food. 

Author/s: Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services Volume 57, November 2020. Year Of Publication: NA. Download/Link: 

What motivates Indian consumers’ to buy organic food in an emerging market?

Abstract: Indian consumers are showing an increased demand for organic food products; however, little is known about their intention to buy organic foods. The purpose of this paper is to understand how fear towards conventional food products motivates an individual to buy organic food products and whether trust and perceived price as contextual factors are able to enhance the buying intention.

Author/s: Heerah Jose, Vijay Kuriakose and Moli P. Koshy School of Management Studies, CUSAT, India.  Year Of Publication: NA. Download/Link: 

Organic Produce Supply Chains in India: Organisation and Governance

Abstract: This study examines the production, procurement and marketing aspects of the organic produce sector with focus on marketing agencies and producers in each commodity/product chain. It analyses the institutional arrangements (supply chain) prevalent in this sector. It analyses the problems in the producer-processor/marketer part of the organic produce supply chains in India; examines various backward and forward linkages and networks and their nature so far as producing farmers are concerned; and studies various institutional/organisational options for organic produce and market promotion. This study of organic produce supply chains is based on case studies of various types of players in India both in export market as well as in domestic market though the latter is just emerging.

Author/s: Sukhpal Singh, Centre for Management in Agriculture (CMA), Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad .Publication: NA. Download/Link: 

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