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Abstract: A Good Business Plan acts as a compass to the FPO – showing the right direction needed from time to time. Several FPOs prepare business plans for the sake of preparation and it remains a statement of intention rather than a tool for direction. However, a good Business Plan (BP) is the engine that drives the FPO to the destination it has envisioned.
A business plan is an important document to be submitted to the funding agency, post registration. The entire plan of activities of an FPO is mentioned in the business plan. Any individual activity within a business plan of an FPO that needs to be promoted as a micro enterprise, requires a bankable business plan for the funding support of a bank. The consolidation of individual activities/micro enterprises becomes a Business Plan or detailed project report for an FPO.

Author/s: National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. Download/Link:

Financing for Farmer Producer Organisations

Abstract: Collectivizing farmers into Producer Organizations (POs) has been considered as one of the way to overcome the challenges faced by the small and marginal farmers. This approach is demonstrating the potential to be more successful in breaking farmer’s dependency on intermediaries, and enabling them access better markets (inputs and output). In the last decade, efforts have been made towards creating and strengthening POs and thus strengthening their position in the mainstream value chain/s. Over the years, there has been a growing interest in promoting an enabling environment for the FPOs. Several initiatives have been taken by the Government, Apex financial institutions such as NABARD, private donor organizations, financial institutions and many other institutions to support the growth of the FPOs and facilitate their emergence as successful business enterprises.

Author/s: ACCESS Development Services. Download/Link:

Capital and FPO Ecosystem

Abstract: Although there are close to 10,000 FPCs (FPOs will be more), only 542 have been able to obtain credit from all agencies put together. Why is there not more interest from lenders in FPOs? and what can be done to change that? That was the subject of my talk.

Author/s: Emmanuel Murray, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Download/Link: 

Guidebook on Lending to Farmer Producer Organisations

Abstract: A Self Explanatory Guidebook on how to Lend to Farmer Producer Organisations.

Author/s: Emmanuel Murray, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Download/Link: 

Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) Ecosystem and Financing FPOs

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Abstract: Presentation on Status of Farmer Producer Organisations in India and Future Outlook

Author/s : Emmanuel Murray, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Download/Link: 

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