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Boost Nature Positive Production - A paper on Action Track 3

Abstract: Transforming food systems involves five action tracks: i) access to safe and nutritious food, ii) sustainable consumption, iii) nature positive production, iv) equitable livelihood, and v) resilience to shocks and stress. The overall goal of Action Track 3 is to reconcile the need for the production system to meet the demands from growing populations and rising prosperity with the necessity of restoring the environment, improving the quality of soil, conserving biodiversity, and sustainably managing land, water and other natural resources. 

Author/s: Elizabeth Hodson, Urs Niggli, Kaoru Kitajima, Rattan Lal, Claudia Sadoff.  Year Of Publication: 2021. Download/Link:

In South Korea, centuries of farming point to the future for sustainable agriculture

Abstract: Agriculture in South Korea is a blend of centuries-old traditions and contemporary techniques adapted to a variety of environmental conditions, making it a model to adopt in the effort to future-proof food production against climate change. With its emphasis on making the most of local conditions, prioritizing native crops, maximizing the use of organic inputs while minimizing waste, South Korea offers templates for nature-based solutions. State and local support of farmer’s livelihoods, revitalizing rural areas and incentivizing youth to enter farming are also ongoing efforts to help guarantee the generational sustainability of agriculture.

Author/s: Latoya Abulu.  Year Of Publication: 2019. Download/Link:


Nature Positive Production In Developing Countries

Broad Content: This webinar explains the what nature positive production is and how developing countries may stand to benefit from adopting N+ farming systems. A clear exposition of N+ Farming can be found from the 14th minute to the 30th minute.

Organisers/Producers: Food And Forest Development, Finland 

Year Of Publication/Release: 2021.

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