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Home Garden

Abstract: This book is a DIY manual on growing nutritious and wholesome foods at home sustainably without resorting to the use of synthetic pesticides and other deleterious chemicals.  

Author/s: Centre For Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) Year Of Publication: NA. Download/Link:

Guide To Urban Farming

Abstract: We need more decentralized food production and localised distribution, better soil quality management, more dietary changes and climate and disease resilient foods. And most importantly, self reliance. This happens to be in our best interest, and also in the best interest of the environment. This article explains the basics of growing food in an urban context in a safe and sustainable manner. 

Author/s: Himanshu Arteev. Year Of Publication: 2020. Download/Link:


Organic Nutrition Garden Model 

Broad Content: This video in Hindi explains how to maintain a sustainable and successful garden to produce wholesome and nutritious fruits and vegetables. 

Organisers/Producers: KVK Kaneri Kolhapur

Year Of Publication/Release: 2020

Nutrition Garden At National Institute Of Nutrition

Broad Content: This video in Telugu explains how the kitchen garden at the National Institute Of Nutrition is maintained and how it yields nutritious fruits and vegetables. 

Organisers/Producers: Krishi TV

Year Of Publication/Release: 2018

Massive Harvesting Of Organic Vegetables From My Rooftop Terrace Garden

Broad Content: This video showcases how an Organic Food enthusiast was able to set up a fully functioning rooftop garden. 

Organisers/Producers: Ranjitha

Year Of Publication/Release: 2021

Grow Your Own Food

Author/s., Publication: GyoFood. Download/Link:

Food Print

Author/s., Publication: Food Print. Download/Link:

Locked down; Here’s how to grow your own food and become self-reliant

Author/s., Publication: Himanshu Arteev, Citizen Matters. Download/Link:

Nutrition Garden@National Institute of Nutrition,Hyderabad

Author/s., Publication: Krishi TV. Download/Link:

Organic Nutrition Garden Model (Hindi)

Author/s., Publication: KVK Kaneri Kolhapur. Download/Link:

Nutrition Garden - Good practise & guidelines

Author/s., Publication: Welthungerlife. Download/Link:

Organic Nutrition garden showing path to a tribal mother to shape a better future for her child– Story of Pameli Bai Baiga

Author/s., Publication: Centre For Excellence in Sustainable Tribal Development. Download/Link:

Nutri Garden 'Mo Upakari Bagicha' for Women's Nutrition in Sundargarh

Author/s., Publication: District Administration Sundargarh. Download/Link:

Mo Upakari Bagicha (Nutri Garden) in Sundargarh

Author/s., Publication: District Administration Sundargarh. Download/Link:

Massive Harvesting Of Organic Vegetables From My Rooftop Terrace Garden

Author/s., Publication: Ranjitha's Kitchen Garden. Download/Link:

Mohanlal Organic farm Full video | Mohanlal | Vegetable Garden | Barroz - Malayalam

Author/s., Publication: Ananthu on Board. Download/Link:

நடிகை ஊர்வசியின் வீட்டுத்தோட்டம் | Actress Urvasi Home garden - Tamil

Author/s., Publication: Paaumai Vikatan. Download/Link:

மாடி தோட்டத்தில் காய்கறிகள் மற்றும் கீரை அறுவடை ||Organic Vegetables Harvest - Tamil

Author/s., Publication: Madi Thottam Sachu. Download/Link:

Grow your own food 

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